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The language of “class warfare”

Drew wrote a post yesterday discussing whether Palin is in fact middle class or not (which she is not by current statistics). And by judging her current income level, she is not. However, there is an assumption behind whether she is middle class or not and how that makes her qualified to be of the people. And it comes the “class warfare” ideology that has been latent sense Marxism.

The assumption is, the amount of money you have in the present is an  indicator of ones morals and ones understanding of the income bracket one is in, at the exclusion of other income brackets. The first one is easily refuted, but the second one is one I wish to focus upon.

First off, the majority of people do not stay within one classification their entire lives. A good percentage of lower class people will move up to be middle class, and a good (though lesser) percentage of middle class people will move up to be upper class. And then there is also a downward trend in that the reverse happens. This trend of non-static classes is in a large part due to age.

As people grow older and get more experience and training at their jobs, their pay rises. For instant a student fresh out of college will not garner the highest possible income, but as they get into the job, their pay will rise as their experience rises. A resident in medical school will be in the lower class, but once they complete their training and gain more experience they will move into the middle or upper class.

And as people being to get older, work part time, work easier less taxing jobs, or retire, their income will decrease.

The fact is, many people who are upper class were not always upper class. They worked their way up the ladder, not had it handed to them or did amoral things to get up there. And so, being upper class doesn’t mean one is “elite”, as Drew seemed so quick to tag to Palin, and have no understanding and empathy for the working class. Current status is not an indicator of past experiences or status, nor is it of the future.

But this derives back from class warfare, that sees only current status as the important indicator, because it requires too much work to look into people’s pasts. And it also doesn’t fit into the conclusion often times also, so one would suppress and not be as prone to look at the rest of the story. Not saying everyone is guilty of it, but society has been.


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