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Paul’s Usage of sarx in Romans and Galatians

In setting up a rather essential idea of Paul in Romans, that of the “flesh,” grasped the overall intent in his usage of it will give us perhaps a clearly relationship of the different parts of the letter as a whole. This is not intended to be a detailed analysis of every usage of sarx, but rather to see the big picture of how the word serves Paul’s purposes.

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The Limitations and Proper Usage of Rhetorical Criticism

In preparation for what I hope to be a continuing series of posts (much as my friend Michael Halcomb has done with the Gospel of Mark) on my most studied book of the Bible, Romans, I am going to be doing a few preliminary posts on some issues that I feel need some addressing separately.

Before I go diving into a piece by piece study of Romans. Considering my education up to this point, perhaps the most fitting point to start is on the topic of Rhetorical Criticism based upon my exposure to and engagement with the work of Ben Witherington. Here goes for only my second real research paper ever in the field of Biblical Studies.

Thanks to Michael for the info on Scribd. Makes things a whole lot easier! And now I changed my notes to those blessed footnotes instead of those wretched, God-forsaken endnotes.

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