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Guess who’s back, Jack (or Jill, to be gender inclusive)

After a 9 1/2 month hiatus from blogging, I feel like it is an appropriate time for me to jump back into blogging on Bible, theology, and the various other topics I addressed on this blog. While I had another blog that I updated every now and then in the interim, I largely desisted from blogging for reasons other than lack of motivation.

One of the problems that I have noticed with many bloggers in the past (won’t name names, but I am sure some of you might know some persons I am referring to) is that there is a high level of narcissism in blogging. While it can very well be used as taking part of a larger conversation, a dialogue if you will, it frequently is a chance for people to take part in monologues that puff up their own view of themselves. This motivation was becoming subtly more a part of me, as I wished to demonstrate my genius (which I later found to be naive). For many bloggers in the Biblical studies and theological world, it was a more sophisticated version of the angsty teenager complaining about the world and thinking everyone wants to hear what they have to say on any topic. And for me, that was becoming true also. I was digusted with that attitude (I have had a conflict in the past over it) and I got disgusted with myself as I noticed it.

I hope and pray that God will keep me confident, yet humble, in blogging. I wish to participate in the larger conversation and present any thoughts that I have that may be of use so that others may reap the benefit from it. However, there is a thin line between doing that in service others and doing that in obtaining honor for oneself. The narcisstic blogger ceases to be the salt of the (blogging) earth.

The other reason I desisted from blogging is that I was at a point in which I was learning a lot about everything, but my language was utter insufficient to adequately express myself. Blogging was getting harder for me, almost a labor directed towards my own ego instead of a joy offered in service to others. Therefore, while having the motivation to blog, I really lacked the capacity to, without being even more verbose than I generally was.

With that said, hopefully I am at the point in which I can be consistently involved in the blogging world in a holy and healthy way. To that end, the help of you readers in comments and emails (if something is needed in private) would be very helpful in maintaining that posture

Anyways, there are many ideas stirring in my head.

PS Another, incidental reason, is that I just received the whole collection of Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics and I took a course in Romans this fall. I have plenty of theological and Biblical studies material to write on!


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