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The 2008/2009 Tournament of Theologians

Bibliobloggers and theobloggers. Ladies and Gentlemen. We the selection committee are pleased to announce the selection for the 2008/2009 Tournament of Champions. We are hoping for a great tournament this year. There is a lot of quality competition out there this year. We tried to be fair to all traditions and include some of the best plus some underdogs. We even allowed for some unorthodox or heretical people into the competition. We apologize for the fans of those who were not picked. Better luck next year.

The selection committee had a secret formula to determine the seeding, but the two main factors for seeding were popularity and perceived contributions. It was a long laborious process, taking all of 5 minutes, but we are confident that our seeding and brackets are satisfactory.

Now, lets look in the brackets.

In the Babylon Bracket, we have the following matchups for the first round:

1 Thomas Aquinas vs. 16 Marcion

8 Dietrich Bonhoeffer vs. 9 John Piper

4 Hans Kung vs. 13 Richard Baxter

5 Friedrich Schleiermacher vs. 12 Hugo Grotius

3 Tertullian vs. 14 John MacArthur

6 John Chrysostom vs. 11 B.B Warfield

7 Pope Benedict XVI vs. 10 Charles Spurgeon

2 Martin Luther vs. 15 Nestorius

In the Rome bracket:

1 NT Wright vs. 16 Chris Tilling

8 Jerome vs. 9 Paul Tillich

4 Soren Kierkegaard vs. 13 William of Ockham

5 Wolfhart Pannenberg vs. 12 Cyprian

3 John Wesley vs. 14 Norman Geisler

6 Pope John Paul II vs. 11 Reinhold Niebuhr

7 Basil vs. 10 Stanley Haurwas

2 Athanasius vs. 15 Arius

Over in the Alexandria bracket, we have a great set of matchups:

1 Augustine vs. 16 Marcus Borg

8 Jonathan Edwards vs. 9 Rudolf Bultmann

4 CS Lewis vs. 13 Adam Clarke

5 James Arminius vs. 12 John Owen

3 Emil Brunner vs. 14 Jakob Bohme

6 Clement of Alexandria vs. 11 Huldrych Zwingly

7 Irenaeus vs. 10 Alister McGrath

2 John Calvin vs. 15 Theodore Beza

And finally, in the Jerusalem bracket:

1 Paul vs. 16 Playin game winner

8 Gregory of Nyssa vs. 9 Nicholas of Cusa

4 Jurgen Moltmann vs. 13 Polycarp

5 Gregory Nazianzus vs. 12

3 Origen vs. 14 Peter Abelard

6 Anselm vs. 11 John Duns Scotus

7 Philp Melanchthon vs. 10 Justin Martyr

2 Karl Barth vs. 15 Wayne Grudem

And we are pleased to announce to two that got in by the skin of their teeth, and should be a good game.

Playin game: An Ape vs. Richard Dawkins

The score will be determined by the voting for the best and the rationale as to why they are the best. Pertinent theological facts help provide points. One may slam the other theologian, but it comes at a risk of a penalty if it comes off to hard and providing points for the one who has been fouled. After 48 hours, there will be no more points awarded. Total points will be tabulated and the winner will be announced. If a minimum of 25 points have not been achieved by either, then a random number generator that is based upon the seeding will assigns points to determine the final winner. The points will be determined by the following:

1) Every vote counts 5 points

2) Every fact (an individual fact is determined by the referee) can be worth up to 3 points each

3) Every slam of a theologian (an individual slam if determined by the referee) can gain up to 2 points for the other theologian. But if it is deemed to severe, false, or anything else, a penalty will be called and can give up to 2 points for the slammed theologian.

4) A joke about a theologian’s ideas, history, or almost anything may obtain up to 2 points each.

5) The quality of each statement will determine how many points are provided, if any

6) Each person may vote only once and provide a reasons for or against a theologian only once. However, they may rebut what other people said and if deemed valid, the points will be taken away. Or if no points have been awarded, the rebuttal will prevent any rewarding of points.

7) Every $2 donated to me obtains the theologian of your choice 1 point (so $50 obtains them 25 points)

Basically, bribes and quality discussion and jokes will provide the winner. All points will be announced via the comments.

The first contest will be announced tomorrow.


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