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Recommended music for August

I figure it might be nice on occasion to suggest the occasional music band (generally Christian) for all my many viewers… I have a love for music, although I am particulary attracted to the Christian rock variety (I am just waiting for Jimmy Swaggert to come condemn me to the fiery pits of the infernal hell-fire). Anyways, hopefully I will have recommendation for every month, although I may make recommendations of titles released a couple years back.

This month I lift up Kutless’s most recent album “To Know That You’re Alive”. For those of your familiar with Kutless’ previous albums, this is definitely a newer sound for them. In my opinion, it is a good direction though. My personal favorite song on the album is “Dying to Become”, but I also like “The Disease and the Cure” and “I Do Not Belong”.

Demo their music on Amazon. I would also suggest buying all music that you can from Amazon. Each song is 99 cents like iTunes, but you don’t have DRM (Digitial Rights Management) so you are free to use it. But please follow all rules regarding music and do not download it for free (I am passionate about that sort of thing)! Oh, and unfortunately, people who live outside the US can not download music from Amazon yet, so you may have to go iTunes or just go ahead and buy the CD itself.


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